Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spike Lee!!

I met Spike Lee!! I gave him some of my Obama earrings. Sorry. yeah i kn ow for free. YOu get famous and then Ill give them to you too!! I'm keeping Fingers crossed :)!!!
I also gave a pair to the guy who does the famous celebrities hair for Spike Lee!!

It was one of these people. I know it! Just forgot the name :(
Carol 'Ci Ci' Campbell .... additional hair stylist
Larry M. Cherry .... hair stylist: Mr. Washington
Felice Diamond .... second makeup artist
Carl Fullerton .... makeup artist: Mr. Washington
Anita Gibson .... key makeup artist
Kathrina Miccio .... makeup artist
Kyra Panchenko .... makeup artist: Ms. Foster
Patricia Regan .... hair stylist: Mr. Owen
Patricia Regan .... makeup artist: Mr. Owen
Brian Sheratt .... assistant hair stylist (as Brian Sherratt)
Ryan Trygstad .... hair stylist: Ms. Foster
Kenneth Walker .... key hair stylist
Craig Lindberg .... third makeup artist (uncredited)

Maybe Craig??

Hire me!!!

i'll post a photo later. i look bad in it though...sigh.

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